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All the tools for a brilliant work of a call center's supervisor

To control the operators' work
To allocate call center resources
To assist and train employees
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Control of operators' work

Learn the efficiency of each employee and the quality of their work.

It is convenient and easy to control remote operators.

    Queue management and routing according to your rules
  • In real time, you can monitor the queue load and prevent operator overload and downtime in the contact center.
  • Routing by skill-groups, by city, by business processes of your company.
  • You will be able to prioritize requests and allocate a channel for urgent requests.
    And if there is a client in the queue who needs to be served first, you can change the priority manually and take the urgent request before others.

Easily measure and monitor call center results

Online dashboard with important call center performance indicators in front of you - queue, how many employees are on hold, number of missed calls, Service Level, Time to Answer, Average waiting time, First Contact Resolution and other call center KPIs

Reports and analytics will help evaluate and improve service, sales, and customer experience

Data import and export

Monitoring the loading of communication channels

Single support service Contactise Contact Center, which is committed to the result

Instead of a set of supports for different communication channels.

Professional customer service without autoresponders or robots.

Communicating with live people in channels that are convenient for you:

Single level of service in all channels

Each channel has its own statistics: you can see the speed of responses, find out the frequent questions and estimate the quality of processing each request.

Analytics shows all the weaknesses and strengths of operators of a call center in each channel.

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System features

Contactise works through the browser.

Operators of a call center don't have to deal with settings and installation of additional software. You just open Google Chrome and start working from anywhere in the world.

Controlling remote operators is easy.

Online dashboard and reports with KPIs of operators of a call center are available in just a few clicks.

Fast entry for beginners

with the help of the knowledge base and successful cases of experienced operators of a contact center.

Switching to a "home office"

without losing the service quality. Customers will not notice the changes.

Education of newcomers and motivation of experienced operators of a call center

A knowledge base for quick customer service and newbie education.

Operator KPIs will show the successes and areas for development of your team.

Integration with your systems

Functional API with clear documentation for integration with:

  • CRM
  • Billing
  • Website
  • Mobile app
  • CMS