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Industry-specific solutions

Medical Clinics

New level of patient care

  • Making an appointment in all communication channels: by phone, in online chat, in messengers and by email
  • Clarification of doctors' schedules in automatic mode without operator connection
  • Priority handling of emergency calls
  • Automatic sending of survey results to email or messengers
  • Automatic sms to remind you of the appointment
  • Automatic calls on missed calls from patients

Higher operator efficiency

  • Single patient communication history in all communication channels
  • Omnichannel comunication - switching between communication channels without losing of communication history
  • Scripts for operators
  • Answer templates in text channels
  • Automatic calls in Preview, Progressive, Predictive and autoinformer modes to remind you of the appointment
  • Integration with databases and CRM

Analysis of the call center activity

  • Online dashboard to analyze the call center activity with all key indicators: Service Level, queue of calls in all channels, number of operators waiting, missed calls, etc.
  • Construction of historical reports on operators' work, load on communication channels, customer satisfaction, etc.
  • Patients' conversion analysis