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Industry-specific solutions


Single customer and carrier database

  • Single customer and carrier database
  • Segmentation of customer base by any attribute
  • Full communication history with the client
  • A portrait of the client and his interests
  • Integration with databases and CRM

Sales automation

  • Automatic analysis of customer behavior on the site to prepare the best offer
  • Automatic request generation when a client applies from any channel
  • Contact and application doubles search system
  • Smart routing of applications to the right company departments
  • Outgoing campaigns for contact database calls in Preview, Progressive, Predictive modes
  • Mass mailings by email and messengers

New service level

  • Receiving customer requests in any convenient channel of communication
  • Omnichannel communication - switching between communication channels without losing communication history
  • Single customer communication history across all channels
  • Ability to leave feedback on the carrier and formation of a loyalty program

Analysis and control of the company activity

  • Online-dashboard with KPI of the call center: financial, availability, productivity, quality, sales and performance
  • Operators and carriers activity analysis
  • Customer satisfaction analysis