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Industry-specific solutions

State sector

Single citizens database

  • Customer card and full history of communication in all communication channelsи
  • Segmentation of citizens and counterparties on any attribute
  • Integration with other systems
  • Automatic double search and elimination
  • Online analytics

New service level for citizens

  • Knowledge base for operators for complete and fast consulting of citizens
  • Self-service system to register and track applications by yourself
  • Service in any convenient channel: by phone, chat or messenger
  • Smart routing of citizens' requests in all channels
  • Ability to evaluate the operator
  • Scripts for operators
  • Omnichannel communication - switching between communication channels without losing history

Increased efficiency and control of employees' work

  • Single window for operators to work in all communication channels
  • Automation of routine daily operations: search, analysis and report generation
  • Workload planning and results tracking
  • Separation of data access and system functionality

Organizing conference calls

  • Conferences to bring together large teams or remote staff
  • Setting up access rights for employees to join a conference
  • Ability to create scheduled and regular conferences for automatic meeting collection