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Industry-specific solutions

Banks and financial institutions

Omnichannel banking

  • Working with clients in all current channels: telephony, SMS, chats, messengers, social networks, emai
  • Single history of client communication in all communication channels
  • Single operator workspace for service in all communication channels
  • Switching between communication channels without losing communication history

Sales increase in all channels

  • Scripts and knowledge base for using reliable sales scenarios
  • Increased conversion on the site due to customer engagement scenarios and fast chat consultations on any issue
  • Consulting and helping clients in messengers even while roaming. Sending photos, files, links to improve the understanding of your product
  • Fast processing of corporate mail for faster client decision making

Customer service management

  • Automatic distribution of requests by department
  • Keeping track of the most popular issues and customer problems with the product
  • VIP customer priority service
  • Integration with databases, CRM, etc.
  • Ability to evaluate operator consultation in any channel

Results monitoring

  • Online dashboard to analyze the call center activity with all key indicators: Service Level, queue of calls in all channels, number of operators waiting, missed calls, etc.
  • Reports generation: the most loaded channel, speed and quality of operators' work, efficiency of advertising channels, customer satisfaction, etc.