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Industry-specific solutions

Dispatch rooms

Receiving requests in any channel

  • Receiving requests over the phone, in the chat, in the messengers: Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
  • Self-service system for independent call registration and feedback
  • Ability to send text documents and photos to clarify your question
  • Single communication history with the applicant in all communication channels

Operator opportunities

  • Single operator workspace to work in all communication channels
  • Omnichannel communication - switching between communication channels without losing history
  • Wide possibilities of working with clients' requests: assigning or adding an agent, changing the status, closing the request

Applicant opportunities

  • Leave a request in any convenient communication channel
  • Check the request status in person or in two clicks on the self-service portal
  • Automatic notification of applicant about change of status or closing of application by sms, Viber or phone
  • Ability to leave a feedback on the quality of the application processing

Supervisor opportunities

  • Online-dashboard for accepted, processed, overdue applications
  • Automatic notification of change of request status
  • Analysis of operators' activity and receiving feedback from applicants on the quality of the request execution