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Business sustainability even in remote conditions

Rapid business response to change - the switching to a remote office in 1 day
Quick expansion of the number of remote workplaces
Full control of remote employees
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Contacise Call Center takes into account the specifics of each industry

Outsourcing call centers
Online stores
Collectors and financial institutions
Government agencies
Transportation & Logistics
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    Effortless and trouble-free switching to remote work
  • Operators do not need to understand the installation of additional programs and equipment. Contactise call center software works through a browser and requires no education.
  • Internet, a headset and a personal account password - everything you need to work from anywhere in the world.
  • A guarantee of secure access to company data.

Convenient control

High efficiency of the call center, even in remote conditions

Easily monitor call center operator efficiency, set KPIs and analyze results. Online dashboard available in just a few clicks
Inexpensive launch of sales, service and marketing departments on a remote basis
Fast entry for newbies with the help of the knowledge base and successful cases of experienced operators

Single support service Contactise Contact Center, which is committed to the result

Instead of a set of supports for different communication channels.

Professional customer service without autoresponders or robots.

Communicating with live people in channels that are convenient for you

Not sure how to quickly adapt your call center to the pandemic?

We can help!

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