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Phone numbers

Short mobile numbers

What is a short mobile number (SMN)

A single 3 or 4-digit number for all mobile operators - Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell. It is easy to remember. Customers call it as soon as they touch the advertisement.
Short mobile numbers can be paid or free for the subscriber:

  • free for the caller (it increases the company's image and sales efficiency by times!)
  • paid for the caller (they can earn excellent money, in which case you get extra income (1 - 15 UAH) for each call)

How is it applied

SMN is often used for cab services, medical clinics and ambulance services, dispatchers, various entertainment services


One-time investment for the connection of a short number to mobile operators (Kyivstar, MTS, Life: ) - from 5,500 to 15,800 UAH with VAT.
Monthly subscription investment - from 2 600 to 7 800 UAH with VAT.
This is the investment that increases the effectiveness of advertising and brings new customers

Connection procedure

You send us the desired list of numbers to check with the operators. We book a free number that you have chosen. After booking the number, you need to perform the following steps:

  • contract signing
  • activation fee and first month's subscription fee
  • applying for activation.
Operators activate the number within 3-4 weeks from the date of application for activation from the 1st or 15th of the month

How to connect to Contactise

To activate a short number, you need to specify a number for routing calls from a short number. This can be a city multi-channel number or mobile numbers of Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell.
The routing number connects to Contactise - and you can receive calls from a short number.
You will be able to see all the statistics on calls to the short number, analyze profitability, and monitor the performance of advertising.
We recommend that the number for routing calls from SMN not be used anymore in any promotional materials to get up-to-date statistics of the short number's performance

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