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Phone numbers

Mobile numbers


You can connect the mobile numbers you already use to the Contactise Contact Center, as well as new numbers of any operator

What are the benefits

  • Full call statistics and call control
  • No transfer of cell phones around the office
  • You will always be reachable, even when employees talk on this number
  • Multi-channel mobile numbers - you can receive any number of calls to one mobile number
  • Savings on mobile communications - Contactise itself understands which number you're calling and automatically calls from the most cost-effective provider

How to connect a mobile number to Contactise Contact Center

Mobile numbers from Vodafone and Kyivstar are connected using special equipment - GSM-gateway, in which SIM-cards are placed. Mobile numbers from Lifecell can be connected by ip without using GSM-gateway

Buying GSM-gateway

You can buy a GSM gateway on our website. The list of recommended models and price are given here

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