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What is a SIP-number

SIP-number is an ordinary phone number, which is provided by SIP-protocol. The uniqueness of this number is, that it is not related to the geographical location. Having a SIP-number, you can make calls with it from anywhere in the world where there is Internet

How to connect to Contactise

New and existing numbers can be connected to the Contactise Contact Center. To do this, the numbers must be in SIP-format. If existing numbers are in a different format, we will tell you how to convert them to SIP or help you connect via FXO-gateway, to save the numbers you need


Comparison of rates of all known telecom operators here

Additional Information

Contactise experts can help you get discounted terms from service providers. They will also tell you all the pitfalls when you connect your numbers. For example, in which cases providers can raise the price per minute without warning etc.