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Phone numbers


How is it applied

They are mainly used to organize paid telephone consultations and information and entertainment services. The subscriber's account is charged at a special rate

Price and terms of connection

Number activation - 3 500,00 UAH.
The cost of choosing a good-looking number requires additional agreement.
Activation of one line on the number - 48,00 UAH.

Subscription per number - 200,00 UAH.
Subscription fee for 1 line on the number - 48,00 UAH.

All payments include VAT


The cost of 1 minute of an incoming call is set on the basis of the tariff scale:
1,5 UAH / 3 UAH / 4,5 UAH / 6 UAH / 10 UAH / 15 UAH / 30 UAH.
The cost of one connection should not exceed 100 UAH.
Income sharing: 60% - payments to the operator, 40% - payments to the subscriber

Activation time

From 4 weeks


To connect the number you need to fill out a form and send a scanned copy of documents of a legal entity or businessman (VAT payer)

Additional Information

It is not possible to forward to this number from an ordinary mobile number.
When you call the number, the menu will turn on with the obligatory information about the cost per minute of the conversation.
This number works only for calls from Ukrainian numbers.
Contributions are made at the end of the month following the reporting month to the bank account

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