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Phone numbers


What is a 0-800 number

0-800 number is a single number, which is free to call for your customers, both from city and from mobile numbers

How is it applied

For support service, hotline, call center

Benefits of use

  • Your customers will always be able to call you on a single number without getting confused with different numbers
  • Calls are free for the client - you can be reached even if their account is out of money
  • Get closer to your customers by connecting an easy-to-remember number, such as 0800 500 500

What providers provide the 0-800 number

Intertelecom, Ukrtelecom, Kyivstar, Vega Telecom, Datagroup. Our experts will help you to choose an operator, tariffs and to choose a good-looking number

How to connect to Contactise

0800 numbers are connected by ip. You give us the connection parameters from the operator - and you can receive calls immediately

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