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  1. What does the cost of Contactise software depend on?

    The cost depends on the selected modules and the number of simultaneous sessions. The number of system users and telephone lines to be connected is unlimited.

  2. What is the number of simultaneous sessions?

    Simultaneous dialogs of operators at a particular point in time.

  3. How does the integration with corporate e-mail accounts happen?

    Contactise takes the corporate mail to its server and binds these messages to the contact with which users are communicating and to the role of the user who is communicating with the client. Next, the next emails from that client go into the system. Contactise routes them depending on the tags that are set on this client, the e-mail address he emailed to, and other parameters. This allows you to find all correspondence with the client no matter which emails he/she wrote to, and direct the emails to the right person, even if the client has the wrong email. For example, if it's an existing client and he has communicated with the sales department before, his email will be received not by a sales manager, but the account manager. This routing eliminates the situation when a customer would write to a sales manager about any issue, who has to go to the service department himself to solve the client's problem.

    When an employee is on vacation, their email can be quickly "linked" to another employee without the hassle of a password. And then you can get it all back in one click.

    And if an employee quits, you can block his access to all clients in two clicks, without worrying if he still has the employee's email password or not.

    Also with both calls and emails, you can hide part of the address so that the employee can communicate from the system, but cannot steal data. This functionality is especially relevant when working with interns or people on probationary period.

  4. Is there an English interface?

    Yes, the program is multilingual and available in 7 languages:
    Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

  5. What technical support options are available?

    There are four technical support packages: A, B, C, D. They differ in cost depending on the hours of work and the speed of the response. Package D is free of charge. You can read about the detailed tariff plans here.

  6. Are there software updates?

    Yes, there are free updates twice a year.

  7. How to increase the number of simultaneous sessions?

    You need to email consult@contactise.com or call 044 337 26 27 and pay for the extension. Within an hour after payment the number of sessions will be updated.

  8. What devices should be connected for the operators' work?

    IP phones, headsets, smartphones, program phones (softphones).

  9. What numbers can be connected to telephony?

    SIP numbers, 0800, 0900, mobile numbers via GSM-gateway, analog numbers via FXS-gateway, short mobile numbers. Learn more here.

  10. What numbers should be used to call abroad?

    The most economical way is to use SIP numbers of the country you plan to do business with. For example, the numbers of virtual operators Zadarma, SIPNET and others. Find out more details here.

  11. How to start a partnership?

    You need to adjust the terms of reference, sign a contract and make a payment. You can read more here.

  12. How many sites can be connected to the web chat?

    You can connect all your websites to one account. Each website will have separate access and a group of operators/administrators. Each website is paid for separately.
    If websites are within the same domain, you can place the same service code on each of them. Then the payment will be as for one website.

  13. How to pay for the service?
    • Via e-wallet
    • Payment by bank
    • By cashless payment
  14. How long do call records last?

    If you connect a cloud solution, call records are stored for 1 year on our servers.
    When you connect an in-house or hybrid solution, the records are stored on your server and the storage time is determined by you.

  15. What documents are required to sign a contract?

    The following copies of documents are required for the conclusion of the Contract.

      If the client is a legal entity:
    • excerpt from USREOU;
    • copy of the VAT payer's certificate or copy of the single tax certificate if you are on the simplified taxation system;
    • bank information;
    • document of the signatory's assignment, which will include the name of the position, name and surname.

      If the client is a natural person-entrepreneur:
    • excerpt from USREOU;
    • copy of the single tax certificate if you are on the simplified taxation system;
    • certificate of VAT payer (if any);
    • bank information;
    • passport (1, 2, 11 pages) or ID-card (with the original excerpt from the Unified Demographic Registry);
    • certificate of assignment of an identification code. If an ID-card is provided, this certificate is not required;
    • copy of the power of attorney, if the contract is signed not by the sole proprietor.

    Please note! All copies of documents must have:

    • for natural persons - the signature of the natural person and the phrase "According to the original";
    • for legal entities - a wet seal of the company and handwritten date, last name (full), initials of the signatory, his signature and the phrase "According to the original".

  16. How is the cost of calls through Contactise billed?

    We do not charge for calls. The cost of calls depends on the rates of operators that you connect to our telephony.

  17. What indicators can be used to make reports?

    The entire list of KPIs that Contactise measures can be downloaded here.

  18. What equipment is required for the call center?
    1. Headsets or ip phones
    2. Computers for operators and supervisor in order to see online all the statistics and enter data about customers
    3. GSM-gateway, if you connect mobile lines of Vodafone and Kyivstar
    4. Server, if you connect In-house solution (you can rent it in a datacenter or put a physical server in your office).
  19. Are there any Internet requirements?

    Yes. The internet needs to be stable.

    • The channel must be symmetrical (not "10 mbps at the input and 0.25 mbps at the output")
    • Delays to UA-IX should be up to 40 ms (IMPORTANT!)
    • A speed of 10 Mbit/s is required for telephony.

  20. Does each operator need to have a separate program installed on his computer?

    No, he doesn't. Contactise uses WebRTC technology and is adapted to work in the Chrome browser.

  21. What are the server requirements?

    Linux, 8Gb RAM; i5 or i7 2.4GHz+; 30 Gb at 120 kb/min.
    The server must have Debian 8.+ installed.

  22. What are the requirements for operators' computers?

    ОS Windows - 3-4 Gb RAM
    ОS Linux - 2-4 Gb RAM
    Mac OS – from 2 Gb RAM

  23. What are the options for placing the software?

    There are 3 options for placing the software:

    • cloud - when the software "lives" on our servers;
    • in-house or box - when the software is deployed on your server;
    • hybrid - the phone server is ours, and the database is stored on your server.

  24. What to choose: cloud, box or hybrid Contactise solution?

    The choice depends on your goals and industry.

    Pros of the cloud solution – cheaper in the beginning, no need to buy and administer servers. Cons – inability to administer the system, dependence on the provider for the speed of the server, the Internet, protection of your data, etc.

    Pros of the box solution – system operation on your servers, independent administration of the system, data protection, access, compliance with the Laws of Ukraine on the compulsory storage of all customer data on their own servers for some sectors of business, etc. Cons – more expensive licenses and work to configure the system, the time of implementation, full responsibility for the servers, Internet, etc.

    Pros of the hybrid solution – the telephone server is ours, and the database is stored on your server. Cons - not complete independence of the system administration.

  25. How to connect mobile lines to Contactise?

    Lifecell mobile lines connect by ip. To connect mobile lines from Kyivstar and Vodafone you need a gsm-gateway. At the rate of 1 sim card - 1 line - 1 channel of gsm-gateway.

  26. Why when you dial an outgoing number from a mobile number in Contactise to another mobile number, the call does not come right away, but after a few tones?

    The gsm technology does not give instant speed. There is no 1 second from call to call. At least 7 seconds, if this subscriber has just been called, but if a long time ago, the dialing takes from 8 to 12 seconds.