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How to work with us

  1. Contact us in any way that is convenient for you
  2. Our managers:
    • Will help you to choose a delivery option: in the cloud, on your server or a combined option
    • Will consult which Contactise functionality will be effective for your company
    • Will make an estimate
    • Will make a presentation
  3. Equipment selection
    • Decide whether you need equipment. If so, what kind of equipment
    • We will provide discounts and maintenance for equipment
  4. Integration with your systems. We will negotiate the direction of Contactise integration with your CRM, databases and other systems
  5. Technical support. We provide a choice of 4 packages of technical support: from free to 24/7
  6. Agreement of the contract and terms of reference, invoicing, payment
    • Our consultants will help you draw up the terms of reference
    • The accounting department will provide all necessary documents
  7. System implementation and testing
    • We carry out adjustment and adaptation of the system within the time frame specified in the contract
    • In the first month we accept requests to reconfigure the system free of charge