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Incoming call notification

Complete user data is collected in one client card. You're ready to talk before you even pick up the phone

  • It' s easy to see where the client came from
  • Who he is
  • How many times he has called or talked to your company in other channels
  • Whether there are any unfinished tasks on him
  • What was the subject of his last call and how long ago

Outgoing call

We have worked through every step of the telephone communication and optimized it even in the smallest details so that operators can work faster and more efficiently

  • Our own softphone and no third party dialing software
  • You can just dial the number on the keyboard or the dialer
  • You can click in the contact card and call
  • You can call from the call log
  • You can start dialing, and not necessarily with the first digit. Contactise.com will find the right number and offer you a choice
  • You can start typing the name and Contactise.com will show similar ones
  • You can store multiple numbers for any contact
  • Automatically or manually select a channel for a call

Contact Tagging

Contact tagging to segment and personalize the relationship with each customer

  • Classification of clients for convenient work of marketing and sales departments
  • Blacklist of unwanted subscribers
  • Contact grouping - any data can be a parameter for segmentation
  • Convenient to use for analysis or to pass through the sales funnel. Find process bottlenecks and fix them

Dialogue Tagging

Simple but powerful tool for fast search of requests, organization of rules of request processing and analytics of company's work

  • Label the requests. You can specify the subject of the request, type of service, decision on the request, etc.
  • Analytics - count the number of tags in automatic mode and find out which calls you have too many or too few. Depending on what you want to analyze, create new tags for your requests. The more parameters you capture, the finer the statistics you get and the better you can feel a sore spot

Comments on dialogue and contact

Note the latest agreements and nuances of communication to always be in the context of the client. With incoming or outgoing communication, the operator can easily recall the specifics of the communication and apply the necessary arguments to continue the dialogue with the client

Contact data when calling

When the company receives an incoming call, the operator window immediatelys open a card with basic information about the client:

  • Call history
  • Tasks on him
  • Contact profile
  • Related contacts

The operator does not waste the client's time, but immediately moves on to solving his question

Contact grouping and doubles search

Combining the contact and searching for duplicates brings order to the client base and the analytics, reducing the time for the lead re-processing. How does it work:

  • The client called from a new number, starts up as new, but then we find out he's not new
  • The system finds similar contacts
  • Smartly combines it with the one found, if necessary


Conferences to bring together large teams or remote staff

  • It's technological. Conference rooms are created automatically. Each participant simply needs to call a number, and he is immediately included in the conference
  • It's safe. The administrator can set limits on who can and cannot join the conference
  • It' s fast. Create planned and regular conferences. The system itself initiates a call at an appointed time and gathers all employees for a conference call or conference without any additional reminders to employees

Call forwarding and redirection

You can use many landline and mobile numbers in your work. But not to load the client, but to give 1 number convenient to him. The client calls to one number and does not incur additional expenses. Effective call distribution is responsible for call forwarding, which simplifies the business, makes it mobile and flexible

  • Conditional - when calls are transferred when a certain condition is reached (for example, a subscriber is busy, not available, not answering, etc.).
  • Unconditional by tags and not only - when all calls are transferred to a given number
  • Both blind and pre-connected call forwarding is possible

Supervisor joining

Help newcomers become effective quickly. A supervisor can in one click react to service problems and quickly rectify the situation with the help of:

  • Listening to the conversation record - to make sure the employee speaks correctly
  • Souffling - to tell the operator how to solve the problem with the client
  • Interception of conversation and conference - to directly engage in a conversation with a client