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Mass outgoing campaigns

Mailing by contact group

We have developed smart Contactise mailings for marketing messages, discount announcements and purchase confirmation. The system automatically detects a profitable channel for your mailing. If a customer has a Viber, the message will be sent through it. If not, then through a text message or a call with an autoinformer

Call methods

To minimize operator downtime and reduce the cost per minute, use automatic calls from Contactise. Choose any of 4 methods depending on the task:

  • Preview - when an operator needs time to learn about a contact, understand a call history and then make a call. The operator presses the call button himself. If the number does not answer, the operator chooses the reason for the unanswered call from the list and reschedules the call. In doing so, the supervisor has calls control. He gets a record of every call and detailed call reports.
    This type of call is suitable for more complex sales where a little familiarity with the contact is required between calls to increase the chances of success
  • Progressive - in this mode, the operator does not dial the number himself. Contactise does everything for him. After the previous call, the system automatically dials the next number in the list. If the number does not answer, the service dials the next one and so on, until the client answers. This eliminates the waiting time between calls and significantly increases productivity. Ideal for similar calls
  • Predictive - Contactise automatically dials several numbers and connects the first person who answers. It shuts down all voice messages, disconnected and busy numbers, ensuring that your team is spending their time to talk to real people.
    This type of call is the most intense. It's ideal for use in call centers that work with large bases of customers with low margins, where operator efficiency and cost per call are paramount
  • Autoinformer is a way to make thousands of calls simultaneously without operators. Contactise calls each number in the call list and plays an audio message. You can use autoinformer as the first line of contact, to connect to the operator in case of interest. It's a huge time and money saving if the message is not spam

Filling in data while talking (questionnaires, surveys)

We tried to make it convenient for you to run surveys. When the operator communicates with clients and passes on a script, there are two ways to capture data: when a response is selected from the script options, or when you want to manually input responses. In the first option, the system automatically generates a questionnaire of the answers; in the second option, operator participation is required. After the survey you can view the survey report in Contactise and download the data for further use

Scripts and hints

When creating a new call, the supervisor assigns a script for the call task. This helps to increase sales and average check, train operators in the company's best practices, eliminate extra talk time and achieve call goals faster. After each call you can view the script progress analysis and improve it every time

Distribution of where to call

The Contactise call module simplifies the work of operators and supervisors alike. For each new campaign, the supervisor assigns a specific group of operators, a script and a client base. Setting up a new call takes 5 minutes

When mailing - openability control for email and chats

Contactise collects complete statistics on the main mailing metrics by email and messengers. Statistics can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the mailing and to identify errors

Data concealment (phone numbers, other answers, etc.)

Each employee in the company has his or her own role and area of responsibility. We thought about the security of your data and made flexible settings for distribution of user rights on access to customer information, analytics, etc. For example, the operator can negotiate with the client, see the necessary information for sale by his interest and name, but not see phone number or full email address