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All customer contacts can be filtered by multiple parameters:

  • By date and time of communication - on which days and hours peaks of client and employee activity are observed
  • By duration - helps to identify which contacts need to be optimized
  • By direction - which telephone lines are most in demand
  • By channel - which communication channels your customers need in the first place
  • By agent - which of the employees is the most effective and what help is needed for the retarded
  • By tags - you can clearly see which requests are more
  • By comments - find out what is important to your customers, their problems and wishes

You can easily find the right contacts, analyze and learn more about your customers

The whole story in one window

You use 3 channels to communicate with the client or 10, all history is stored in one window. You don't need to monitor each channel separately, waste time, compare it with CRM in order not to miss something. With one click you can see all communications with the client and their results

Call recording by channel (Dual-channel call recording)

Browse recorded calls to better understand your customers' needs and identify education opportunities of employees and make sure that your company's quality standards are followed. The display of the recording is dual-channel, so the problem point is easy to find without even listening to the whole recording

Event Tagging

For each communication with the client you can put a random or automatic tag. For example, about the subject of the request or the status of the client. And if the operator missed a call or a message in a chat, the tag "call back" will be automatically assigned. It is convenient for the operator to find the necessary application and quickly process missed requests

Fast contact opening

If you are viewing a list of communications in the log and you need details on one of them, you can immediately open all information about the contact, not search separately for the client in the contact list. This is convenient and saves working time

Graphics of the number of dialogs and their duration

These statistics show the efficiency and ways to improve operator performance. You will see if you need to change the work schedule, whether operators have successful scripts, how each operator handles tasks, whether the staff needs to be expanded or vice versa