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There are different statuses for each operator, which the system automatically detects and records

  • One and a half dozen built-in - basic statuses that give a complete picture of the load and efficiency of the operator
  • The ability to add your own - customize your status to suit your business processes
  • Or hide the built-in ones - if the basic statuses do not suit you, you can hide them to avoid confusion

Flexible message distribution logic (conditional routing)

Contactise gives more than a dozen parameters for routing calls to operators to evenly distribute the load and provide professional services:

  • By skills - depending on the operator's competence and the subject of the request
  • By load:
    • The freest - the operator from the group that has not processed requests for the longest time before this request
    • The most unbusy - the operator, which least of all in total time processed clients' requests for the current day
  • By time - at different times of day, days of week, weekend routing of requests may change
  • By customer tags - for example, VIP customers can be served by a special group of operators in the first place, new clients go straight to the adaptation department, etc.
  • By stickiness - the system itself understands who the personal manager of this client is and binds him directly without a voice menu and secretary
  • Blacklist - use it so that unwanted subscribers do not disturb your work

Roles and skills of users

Use roles and skills for easy user management and professional service

  • Grouping - to provide better service to your customers, divide operators into groups, develop their skills, making them professionals in a specific niche
  • Access rights to information and functions - depending on the competence and area of responsibility Contactise helps to regulate employee access to company information. Agree on why the operator should be able to set up routing calls to your colleagues or change post-processing regulations. Instead, it's important to him his statistics and his closest colleagues to understand how effective he is and what needs to be improved
  • Some information can be hidden **** - we understand how important security is to owners. In order to keep a database from being drained, some contact information can be hidden. In doing so, Contactise will work as normal, but, for example, the employee will not see the customer's contact details
  • Routing - you will be able to distribute customer requests by any attribute, for example, by department of company (sales, technical support, accounting), by cities where offices are located, etc. So you can spread the load evenly and provide competent services

Data Import and Export

We make life easier for employees and managers. Do not waste time updating data in the system manually. Contactise.com will do it for you

  • Import of contacts - upload any number of contacts with no limit on the amount of numbers for each contact
  • Import data for calls - database upload in one click
  • Doubles search - the system searches for and automatically deletes duplicate data
  • Data export after calls - for easy analysis of calls results
  • Contacts and dialogs export - fast downloading of any number of contacts for use in other systems