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IVR and ITR Switching Analysis

Monitoring customers' IVR and ITR transitions provides insight into which calls are more, shows the advantages and disadvantages of the menu. With the help of analytics, the call centre manager can determine which tasks the customers successfully solve without operators, and which menu items are ineffective and should be eliminated

Analysis of transitions in the Knowledge Base

Helps to determine what your employees need most or least in the Knowledge Base and what customer requests are most popular.
Due to such analysis it is possible to improve materials in the Knowledge Base, to identify topics for additional education of employees, and also delete information that is not requested by customers

Agent and channel reaction time, average and total value

Find out how efficiently each employee uses their time. To do this, Contactise fixes the time between distributing a call or dialogue to an operator until the call is answered. The data is recorded in real time so that the manager always keeps abreast

Agent and channel processing time, average and total value

Contactise shows how much time it takes to service a single request through channels and operators.
You will be able to track the longest and shortest dialogues, identify the cause, refine operator scripts or even your product

Statistics by status

You can estimate the load of each operator. See how long each person was receiving calls or requests from the chat, did post-processing and how much rest he had. You will find operator problems and develop a plan to improve performance. You can use analytics to calculate pay and bonuses

Current tasks

Each employee's tasks are visible on his or her desktop. If the task is complex, then you can see that stage of the task, which concerns him. For example, the admin can see the task "configure the gateway" as part of the complex task "preparation of implementation"

Channel Load

Shows the volume and dynamics of calls on each channel. Use this report to know which channel is the most popular among your clients, and which may need to be closed. With the flexible settings, you can view the analysis for any channel by month, day, hour

Agent load

The graph of the number of calls and dialogs processed by the operator shows the effectiveness of the configured routing. You will be able to control not only the work of the agent, but also entire departments. You can perform the analysis for any time span from year to hour

Agent performance

You will be able to follow the progress of tasks without distracting operators with questions. And you can only react when it's is really necessary. You define the necessary structure of tasks for convenient work: tasks, subtasks. You can also leave comments as you go along. The manager will be able to adjust the priority, timing progress and see full reporting

Notifications of regulations violations

So that the supervisor could react quickly to the disruptions of the work schedule without waiting for things to get worse, we made notifications of violations of regulations. You choose the acceptable values, for example 10 minutes. After that, the notification with the details will be sent by the mail and the manager's phone. You'll be able to keep your keep abreast even when you're on a business trip


When all operators are busy, Contactise forms a single order of calls from all communication channels.
With flexible settings, you can manage the order. For example, you can intercept a VIP client's call and serve it first. Or set the priority - from which channel the operators will see the calls in the first place.
Using online monitoring, you can see how much time and in which channels clients are waiting for an operator to respond. You will be able to find out which channels you have the busiest and how to redistribute operators