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Text communications


Text communication is becoming more and more popular. Make them your channel of service and sales and get more customers. With Contactise you won't miss a single call from different channels. And all customer data will be stored in a single system with a common communication history across all channels:

  • Email - for update of usual mail and acceleration of operators' work with it
  • Online chat - to increase website conversion
  • Messengers - for instant solution of clients' questions

All channels in a single window

Process the flow of requests from different channels so that when you change the channel, the context of communication with the client is not interrupted and the whole history of communication is preserved in one place. A single operator workspace simplifies the work of employees, reduces the time of processing requests and saves the owner's money. After all, fewer employees will cope with the same volume of requests

File transfer

Speed up communication with clients - send and receive files of different formats in text channels. A contract, a photo of a necessary product or a problem with it, so that the client does not have to tell for a long time - all these issues can be solved in one click. Sent files are easy to find without going through a chain of messages. Use the table of contents of sent files and quickly find what you need

Regulation of the number of simultaneously open dialogue sessions

Set the limit of simultaneous dialogs for each operator based on their competence, service topics, the average duration of a dialog so that no client is waiting "on line" and everyone got the right advice

Peer-to-peer communication

If the operator receives the question outside his competence, he transfers the dialog to a colleague, so the client doesn't have to wait and he'll always be professionally serviced

Dialog tags

Use the tags to classify, group, analyze the topics of calls and facilitate the process of finding the right dialog.
Tags are placed manually and automatically, one or more by any attribute. For example, you missed dialog - the tag "missed" will be automatically assigned, there is a complaint - manually assign the corresponding tag

Dialog and contact comments

Operators will be able to make notes on the features of customers, the prospects of the transaction, the difficulties in communications and anything that can improve service and increase sales

Email looks like chat

With Contactise ordinary email has become an efficient and fast communication channel. Emails are not lost, but come into the operator's application and are processed according to the same company standards. In this case, the manager can easy measure and monitor employees' work.
And if the employee is on sick leave or on vacation, you do not need to disturb him, find out the passwords, look for letters. The mail belongs to the company. You can assign the client to another employee at any time, and the letters will come to him. And when the manager gets back to work, you can get everything back the way it was in one click

Templates of messages using variables

To speed up customer service, use a set of ready-to-use category responses with easy search. You can create your own set of templates for each operator

Online chat

Online chat on the website and messengers to increase revenue, accelerate sales and improve support

  • Automatic greeting - for quick response and customer retention
  • Displaying agent's avatar in online chat - for more customer confidence
  • Using smiles - to get closer to the client by showing real emotions
  • Customer comments and evaluation at the end of the chat - to quickly respond to customer feedback and improve the work of the operators
  • Auto-completion of theLimiting chat completion by the agent is an additional control over the operators' work, to ensure that all clients receive full consultation and answers to all questions chat when no client is available - for correct statistics and correct routing of new chats
  • Limiting chat completion by the agent is an additional control over the operators' work, to ensure that all clients receive full consultation and answers to all questions
  • Client's geo position request - for correct information delivery, if the service, prices and delivery costs vary by region
  • Creating a route between the client's point and the company's point - to help the client find your office, the right department or branch


Serve customers in the most popular messengers

  • Smiles - you'll get closer to your clients and communication will be more relaxed
  • Client's geo position request - you will be able to exchange location data
  • Create a route between a customer point and a company point to help customers find you faster