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GSM Gateways

Dinstar GSM-gateway for 8 sim cards

Price 25 760 UAH

Gateway Dinstar UC2000-VE-8W-B is a VoIP-GSM-gateway for 8 GSM-lines with SIP protocol support. This is an updated version of the gsm-gateway DWG2000E-8W-B. The new version has improved hardware base and lifetime warranty.
The GSM-gateway will help to reduce the cost of calls, using the function of selecting the best route of the call and the Callback function, help to create a backup channel in case of wired telephony failure or to telephone your office in hard-to-reach places. Your customers will be able to reach your office comfortably by dialing a mobile number instead of a city number.
Dinstar UC2000-VE-8W-B is certified in Ukraine, officially delivered and serviced by the service center in Ukraine. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty for the gsm-gateway.